7th International Students Symposium on Law and Global Issues

The 7th International Student Symposium on Law and Global Issues was held between 27-28-29 April 2018 in collaboration with Koç University Law School and the Law Club.  The subjects tackled in this year’s symposium included but were not limited to topics such as “Freedom of Speech, Right to Privacy and Privacy within Communication Technologies, Gender Identity and Gender Equality, Immigration, States and Human Rights, Law and Technology”. The International Student Symposium on Law and Global Issues sets its goals as integrating foreign and Turkish law students while expanding their legal perspectives on specific international law issues and at the same raising academic awareness as regards universal values of law and their globally applicable conflict resolving effects.  To attain this rather ambitious goal, diverse arrays of seminars, panels, workshops and case studies on fictional controversies were carried out. The high number of academic presentations and their thought-provoking nature as well as the active participation of the conference attendees in the various panel, workshop and seminars can easily be construed as an indication to the attainment of the goals that were targeted by the Symposium organizers.