8th International Students Symposium on Law and Global Issues

March 11, 2019

8th International Students Symposium on Law and Global Issues

Date: 26-27-28 April 2019 Koc University, Istanbul

As Koç University Law Club, we are delighted to announce the “8th International Students Symposium on Law and Global Issues”. Students focusing on all academic disciplines are invited to participate in this annual Symposium.

In a world of constant change, “the only thing that does not change is the change itself”.
Rapid technological developments as a result of the exponential knowledge of humanity and breakthrough innovations in digital communication make our world a little more interconnected every day. Over the span of last decades, the trend towards Globalization has become the precursor of greater economic integration between nations and the cross-border movement of cultures. In the light of these advancements, the world has become a global village, in which, even our smallest actions may have transboundary effects. However, due to the delicate structure of this transition, the world we share faces new, enduring challenges. Economic inequality, climate change, mass migration, terrorism and discrimination are only some of the current challenges. Yet, worldwide discontent is found with grievances going well beyond than a single global pattern. Thus, as these issues dominate the international agenda, the world gets more disintegrated and fragmented. We understand that contemporary challenges create a tension between law on the one hand, and political discourse and societal inclinations on the other.

As the long-known concepts such as ‘gender,’ ‘citizenship,’ ‘technology’ and ‘privacy’ start to lose their conventional meanings; this year, we aim to make sense of the latest trends. Finally, we intend to discover emerging ideas that are associated with the future of law and social sciences.

The main theme of this year’s symposium will be “Law and Global Contemporary


Accordingly, we encourage paper proposals to address an issue suited to our main theme, with a focus on the following fields, in particular:

  • Human Rights, Democracy and Rule of Law
  • StateGovernanceandtheIndividual
  • Migration, Nationality and Citizenship
  • GenderIdentity
  • Biodiversity and Environment
  • OwnershipandIntellectualProperty
  • Big Data and Privacy
  • Future of Law

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