Novelties in the Law on Personal Data Protection

“Novelties in the Law  on Personal Data Protection”  Asst. Prof. Dr. Nilgün Başalp Yıldırım, Bilgi University Faculty of Law (5 May 2016)

In this seminar, Dr. Başalp Yıldırım introduced the novelties in the Law on Personal Data  and  assessed  the  legislation  from  the  EU  law  perspective.  The  seminar  was very well received by the scholars and students. In the Q&A session, Dr Başalp Yıldırım  analyzed  also  problems  of  privacy  as  to  recent  applications  of  biometric identification,  structure  of  Data  Protection  Authorities,  big  data and  European  case-law on data protection on right to be forgotten.