June 8, 2017


Taking Stock of the United Nations Human Rights Treaty Body Case Law: Trends and Developments 2014-2017


Thursday, 8 June 2017

In 2015 the Center for Global Public Law (CGPL) became the editor-in-chief of the Oxford Reports on International Human Rights Law under the auspices of Oxford Reports of International Law database (ORIL).  The reporting team has recently engaged in the production of a series of reflection pieces on thematic, substantive, and procedural aspects of UN human rights (UNHRL) jurisprudence that analyse new jurisprudential trends, reflect on challenges, and unpack specific Views and their impact on the development of international human rights law. The 8 June 2017 workshop brings together UNHRL committee members, IHRL experts and members of the reporting team for a stocktaking exercise that reflects on the trends of UN Human Rights Law case-law of all UN Human Rights treaty bodies to take stock of the Centre’s reporting experience and reflect on developments in UNHRL jurisprudence since 2014.

Registration is open to ESIL members and UNHRL researchers, but spaces are limited. Please contact Irina Crivet ( for registration and further information. To workshop programme is available here.

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