Research Clusters, Projects and Centers

Our faculty members are engaged in a variety of research activities including independent and fully funded projects of both national and international schemes. They range from legal theory issues to policy oriented studies of law having a decisive impact on scholarly discussions, case law and legislative decision making process. Our nationally and internationally funded projects are highly esteemed and prestigious programs. They provide an excellent opportunity for PhD in law and LLM academic track students to be involved in cutting edge research collaborations.
We enhance our scholarly dialogue through an enriched catalog of academic activities at different scales ranging from annual research congresses in cooperation with renowned scholarly associations to authors’ workshop by inviting the leaders of legal research. We have also established series for graduate students and fresh PhD holders in form of a research forum for ongoing or recently completed works.
For details of our research engagement you can check the individual profiles of our scholars on their own pages. Here you find our research centers, faculty wide research clusters, research projects and topics.

Research Clusters

Legal remedies: National, comparative and international perspectives
Effectuating the rights’ protection through law: Substantive issues
Contractual obligations, competition and risk management
Innovation and the law
Social policies and the law
Studies in legal history

Research Centers

Research Projects

Turkish National Science Foundation Project – Impacts of individual application procedure before the Constitutional Court (Coordinator: Bertil Emrah Oder)
Newton Project- Effects of international human rights law on other branches of international law (Coordinator: Başak Çalı)
Turkish Science Academy Project – Insurance law and data protection (Coordinator: Ayşegül Buğra)

Research Topics

Right to fair trial (Nur Centel)
Appeal in criminal procedural law (Nur Centel)
Exchange of information in international tax law (Billur Yaltı)
Mediation in commercial arbitration (Zeynep Derya Tarman Pekbey)
Applicable law to surnames under Turkish law (Zeynep Derya Tarman Pekbey)
Investor-state arbitration and corruption (Zeynep Derya Tarman Pekbey)
Recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards in Türkiye (Zeynep Derya Tarman Pekbey)
Human dignity from historical and legal perspective (Yiğit Sayın)
Natural law and its impact on modern private law institutions (Yiğit Sayın)
Modern private law institutions from a comparative perspective (Yiğit Sayın)
Land property and human rights – (under Human Rights Research Group of Law Schools Global League with contributions of Bertil Emrah Oder (chair), Yiğit Sayın and Murat Önok)
Bicameralism – (Bertil Emrah Oder and Valentina Rita Scotti)
Social and economic rights (Bertil Emrah Oder and Utku Öztürk)
Constitutionalism and the women (Bertil Emrah Oder)
Illiberal democracies (Bertil Emrah Oder)
United Nations human rights law (Başak Çalı)
European human rights law (Başak Çalı)
Comparative regional human rights systems (Başak Çalı)
Remedy regimes in international human rights law (Başak Çalı)
Domestic judicial reception of international human rights law (Başak Çalı)
Human rights jurisprudence of the Turkish Constitutional Court (Başak Çalı)
Modernisation of EU-Türkiye Customs Union Agreement (Zeynep Ayata)
EU Copenhagen economic criteria – Rule of law (Zeynep Ayata)
Economic constitution in EU Law – Social market economy (Zeynep Ayata)
Excessive pricing in EU competition law (Zeynep Ayata)
Private enforcement of EU competition law (Zeynep Ayata)
Regulating disruptive markets in EU competition law (Zeynep Ayata)
EU state aid compliance in financial crisis (Zeynep Ayata)
Modalities of participation in structural and systematic criminality (Murat Önok)
The legal qualification and consequences of the 1915 events (Murat Önok)
The principle of equality of arms (Murat Önok)
The prevention of online child abuse (Murat Önok)
Effects of European harmonization on Turkish contract law (Işık Önay)
Legal problem caused by wrongful conception (Işık Önay)
Alternative (uncertain) causation in tort law (Işık Önay)
Mandatory bid rule in public companies (Emek Toraman Çolgar)
The delegation of the representation authority in accordance with article 371/7 of Turkish Commercial Code (Emek Toraman Çolgar)