Research Centers

Dr. Nüsret – Semahat Arsel International Business Law Implementation and Research Center, founded within Koç University Law School in 2007 with the contributions of Dr. Nüsret Arsel and Semahat Arsel, performs activities in the broad field of international business law. The Center operates to organize impactful academic events, support research in international business law, improve cooperation with national and international organizations and to promote research-oriented legal education. It serves to generate academic interest in legal issues relating, among others, to business transactions, conflict of laws, alternative dispute resolution, transport, insurance, competition, corporate governance, tax matters, intellectual property and information technologies.

The Center for Global Public Law is a research hub for the investigation of the effects of globalisation on how we define, defend and practice public law. Koç University Law School has an exceptional range of expertise in the disciplines and sub fields studying the effects of public law under condtitions of globalisation. It covers the core subjects of public law, including constitutional law, administrative law, criminal law, human rights law, gender law, environmental law, public international law and European public law,but adds to it an unrivalled span of research and teaching in international organisations, history of international law, political science of globalisation, sociology and philosophy of public law. Building on this foundation, the CGPL works to stimulate research and support multidisciplinary collaboration across sub-fields of law and accross disciplines. It acts as the hub of expertise on global public law issues and provides a conduit between the university, policy-makers, judiciary and civil society. We offer an international colloquim series, programme of public events, provide expert analysis and commentary, build up research collobrations and aim to provide an intellectually stimulating environment for researchers at all stages of their careers.


 Dr. Nüsret – Semahat Arsel International Business Law Implementation and Research Center


The Center for Global Public Law