Dean's Message

Koc University Faculty of Law has established itself as one of Türkiye’s leading law schools. Our faculty is internationally recognized for excellence in both legal education and scientific research in the field of law.

Our faculty members, who uphold human rights and are committed to the principles such as democracy, secularism, social state, and the rule of law, aim to educate our students to internalize concepts such as ethical values, equity, justice, and the rule of law.

The professional success of our graduates has significantly enhanced our reputation. There are many reasons for this success.

As a university, we have a unique approach to teaching. Our curriculum integrates law courses with “common core” courses. Through our core program, we provide broad education ranging from social sciences to basic sciences. This approach allows our students to explore various disciplines. A lawyer educated solely in the field of law may struggle to understand the interplay between legal practice and other fields, the role of law in social and economic dynamics, and the impact of rapidly advancing technologies. Our core program aims to ensure that our students have a broader perspective and vision. It emphasizes analytical thinking skills grounded in ethical values, which are essential for becoming a fair and effective lawyer who is valuable to society.

The prerequisite for qualified law teaching is a dedicated academic staff who constantly follows current developments. Our Faculty has adopted the principle of the unity of teaching and research. All of our faculty members are active researchers and continue their academic publications in national and international arenas. This enables them to closely follow the doctrinal and jurisprudential developments in international, comparative and national law, ensuring that they share the latest information and trends with our students.

Our faculty members are recognized for their academic and scientific contributions. They publish numerous national and international academic works every year and undertake projects supported by national and international research funds (TUBITAK, NEWTON, BAGEP, etc.). Many of our faculty members have studied abroad and have established international publications and collaborations, serving as professional role models for our students.

Our law courses and core courses, which cover universal or international knowledge, are taught in English while courses related to Turkish Law are taught in Turkish. Many of our elective courses are also in English. Additionally, students can take numerous foreign language courses as electives. This enables us to train lawyers who are fluent in at least one foreign language by the time they graduate. Proficiency in foreign languages gives our graduates a significant advantage in securing employment with international companies, large corporations, and law firms that conduct business with foreign clients.

We believe that effective and qualified law teaching should not be solely curriculum-oriented and we emphasize experiential learning methods. Every year, many of our students participate in numerous national and international “moot court” competitions and work on a hypothetical case file. Our students have been consistently achieving extremely successful results in these competitions. Likewise, our students engage in national or international projects led by our faculty members, work as research assistants (work-study); participate in reading groups, training seminars, certificate programs, and summer schools based on our international cooperation; and publish articles in the Law Club's magazine.

In addition to these activities, each student is assigned an academic advisor from our Faculty. Our professors and their advisees meet regularly and face-to-face multiple times each semester to ensure that students receive the best possible academic guidance. In addition, with office hours set by our lecturers at the beginning of the semester, our students have access not only to their academic advisors but also to all our lecturers.

“Innovative law teaching” and ‘peer support’ practices are carried out in cooperation with the Koc University Office of Learning and Teaching (KOLT) established to support the learning processes of our students.

Our two centers in the field of law, the Dr. Nüsret – Semahat Arsel International Business Law Implementation and Research Center (NASAMER) and the Center for Global Public Law (KUREMER) regularly organize national and international events.

In addition, our Faculty is a member of the Law Schools Global League (LSGL), which includes the world's leading law schools focusing on creative legal teaching and research. Our faculty members regularly participate in the studies and conferences of LSGL research groups, and our students attend the LSGL summer school organized in a different country every year.

On the other hand, university years should not only be about acquiring professional knowledge; students should also be able to develop themselves personally, socially, culturally, artistically, and in sports. The opportunities offered by our university campus in these areas are world-class. The existence of numerous student clubs and various extra-curricular activities organized throughout the year provide our students with the best opportunity to self-actualize themselves.

Our Law Club is also very active, organizing many academic and social activities throughout the year, including trips to important legal or political institutions such as the Council of Europe, the European Court of Human Rights, the Turkish Grand National Assembly, the Turkish Constitutional Court and the Court of Appeals. Through their work in the Law Club, our students take the initiative at a young age to organize various academic and social activities, thus expanding their leadership skills as well as their horizons.

At the “Career Days” organized every year, nationally and internationally recognized lawyers and especially law partnerships introduce themselves and their work and establish contact with our students before they graduate.

All these opportunities prepare our graduates for professional roles in both the public and private sectors, equipping them with distinctive and recognizable skills. Thanks to the international recognition of our Faculty and faculty members, as well as the presence of many of our graduates who have been very successful in pursuing postgraduate degrees at the world's leading universities (e.g. Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Stanford, Chicago, Duke, Columbia, NYU, UCLA, LSE, King's College, QMUL, Leiden, Berlin Humboldt Universities), our graduates also have an advantage when they apply for postgraduate studies abroad. Among our graduates, there are also lawyers who work in various countries and are registered with different bar associations.

Koç University offers innovative master's programs (LLM) with a comprehensive approach. Our LLM courses in public and private law feature a diverse curriculum, covering comparative and international topics across various legal disciplines. Our curricula integrate local and global legal scholarship and expertise. We aim to nurture high-quality academic candidates and establish a research hub for legal studies.

With the confidence and determination that Koç University Faculty of Law has gained a prestigious place in the national and international arena, and with our belief in the indispensable value of the law for social development and a more just world, we aspire to raise many more generations of lawyers who are committed to the ideals of law, justice, democracy, and superior ethical principles. We welcome every young person who wants to share our excitement and purpose, and who wants to contribute to a better future for Türkiye and the world.

Best regards,