Koç University Law School aims to graduate creative and sophisticated lawyers with its content-rich courses in public law, private law, and its core program, which enables students to excel in a variety of disciplines.

The Law School owes its success to its underlying vision, targeting not only to build a connection between public policies along with bureaucracy, business circles and economy, social development, progress in the field of information technology, and the field of law, but also to contribute to the legal policies through carrying out multidimensional academic endeavors.

With an awareness of the institutional value of being recognized by virtue of academic prominence and of rendering this recognition sustainable, both faculty members and students of the Law School dedicate themselves to a program which requires profound effort and relies on academic solemnity. We are very pleased to see that efforts based on this awareness prepare the Law School graduates for distinguished and remarkable professional positions, both in the public and private sphere; and reinforce of the value the Law School rightfully achieved both at the national and international level.