Law Club

Koç University Law Club is established in 2004. The Law Club -comprised of students of the Law School who are natural members- organizes seminars on current legal issues not only for students of the Law School but also to the whole student community at Koç University. The Law Club also issues a periodical student journal “Justitia Et Fides”, allowing its members to write on various legal issues. The International Symposium on Law and Global Issues is a regular event hosted by the Law Club and attended by law students from throughout the world. The Club also organizes trips to both national and international courts such as the Constitutional Court, the Court of Cassation, European Court of Human Rights and International Court of Justice in order to expose the students to the application of law rendering the theoretical knowledge gained in courses permanent. In order to foster social interaction and a sense of community, the Club regularly organizes social events, where faculty members, students and alumni come together outside of the classroom.