General Information

Koç University Law School aims to nurture creative and sophisticated lawyers with its content-rich courses in public law, private law, and its core program, which enables students to excel in a variety of disciplines. The law school program responds adeptly to meet Türkiye’s need for lawyers who possess both professional language competency and an international perspective. More than 30% of the total courses offered with international content are lectured in English, thus international career opportunities may be possible for all students. The law school also provides a high level of proficiency in national law topics with its courses lectured in Turkish. Law school students have the opportunity to meet professional lawyers in regular seminars for their academic and career development. Further, exchange programs in partnership with outstanding universities around the world and international internship opportunities are designed to support international experiences for students. The law school also works to instill professional ethic values in its graduates thus enabling them to work in all fields of law- public or private- without exception.